Shane West is no stranger to grace and redemption. 30 Years ago in 1987 at the age of 21, Shane West had a life changing experience and his spiritual awakening in a converted garage. It was this very moment that took Shane out of the epicenter and onto the launching pad of his ministry. Empowering him to preach a message tailor made by experience: “From Cocaine To The Calling.”  

The fresh and relevant anointing on Shane West, complemented with an insight into the revelation of God’s word, has been touching hearts of people around the world.  Shane’s transparent personality is a magnet that has drawn a broad audience. He has ministered and spoke into the lives of millionaires and yet also has been honored to have inspired prisoners. His diverse, genuine love for people, and the extension of God’s unconditional love, has gained him a notoriety that transcends culture, race and religion!

It is very evident that God has raised Shane West up to challenge the Body of Christ out of their complacency.  He encourages the church to dry their tears, fight the good fight of faith, and plow with their worship until Christ comes. 

When you come to understand the darkness of someone’s past, it becomes much easier for you to understand their gratitude for grace. Shane West is a man who loves the Lord. One need only read a few pages of this book to know why. He has peeled back his privacy, and allowed us to peek into his very painful story of addiction.   I dare you to look into this window of what would have been a wasted life, had it not been for grace. Thank you Shane, Your story teaches all of us that we can make a mistake and still not be a mistake!”                  
 Pastor Sheryl Brady, The Potters House – North Dallas

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Filled with inspirational and honest words of guidance for those who want to lead a good Christian life, Shane lets the reader know it’s okay to struggle with addiction but the goal is to not allow yourself to be defeated by your personal demons. This book will give inspiration to all who read this authors triumphant story! So take a journey down this road of despair with Shane West and find out how the grace of God that reached him is still reaching for others. Who knows, you may need to “Recycled By Grace” yourself!

One thing is for sure, whether you’re an alcoholic, drug addict, business man, housewife, success story, teenager in school, or just a simple person living a good life, you will see how grace conquers the toughest of sin!

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