A highly sought-after speaker, with three decades of full time ministry experience,  Shane has impacted cities, communities, churches, and leaders, with his transparent approach to the Gospel. He has often been referred to “as a fresh and relevant voice for this generation.” His sermons have reached millions of people and have been highlighted on television, satellite radio, and the internet. With a practical, yet insightful preaching style, Shane is dedicated to spreading the good news of the Gospel to everyone he meets.

When asked what his greatest achievement in life has been, Shane quickly responds and answers, “Persuading Dana to marry me in June of 1990”   Encouraging, optimistic, joyful, always upbeat and energetic. These are the words that are often used the most when being used to describe the dynamic and loving personality of Dana West. Raised in church,  Dana made a commitment at a very young age that her life would make an eternal difference in today’s world. She continues to be greatly used by God with her Biblical insights, as well as her speaking and teaching ministry. Her greatest passion however, has always been ministering to children.

Dana and Shane, soon to celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary, are so proud and honored to be the parents of Dakota, a US Marine, Zane the Runner, and Shane Keith II the Gamer!


†   Has embraced his Assignment to Pursue, Proclaim…and Publish the Good News of Jesus Christ and the Restoration of God to broken hearts and lives within men and woman in this World since 1988, launching out as a full time Evangelist just 1 year after his miraculous conversion. Witnessing thousands of conversions to Christ – To God Be The Glory!
†   Traveled over 18 years as a full time Evangelist, ministering in camp meetings, conferences, crusades, youth camps, and revivals in over 46 states.
†   Noted author of the book “Recycled By Grace,”  depicting his personal life’s struggles and testimony of God’s greatness in his life.
†   Was a highlighted ministry on Streaming Faith, reaching thousands daily with the Champion’s Hour Video Broadcast
†   Highlighted on XM Satellite Radio Channel 170 daily and through this ministry has sent audio cassettes and CD’s to over 80,000 homes world wide free of charge.
†   Has appeared often on radio and television with heart felt messages that have stirred souls throughout America.
†   Founded Champion Designs, a cutting edge web development and social media promotion group.  Champion Designs has done work for many great ministries such as Pastor Sheryl Brady who has partnered with Bishop T.D. Jakes at The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas.  Gospel Artist Kirk Franklin,  Bishop Kenneth Ulmer,  Mark Chironna and  Gary Oliver, just to name a few. 


“As long as I have breath in my lungs, I will always be compelled to tell others what the Lord has done for me and what the Lord means to my family…regardless of the critic, regardless of the enemy and regardless of any of his attacks. All of those around me said that I would only last 6 months living for God; the critics gave me 6 months, but God has given me nearly 30 years!” – Shane West

I dare you to look into this window of what would have been a wasted life, had it not been for grace. Thank you Shane for coming clean. Your story teaches all of us that we can make a mistake and still not be a mistake!”


This is an amazing book about a young boy who goes from the streets to the Kingdom! It is a journey of pain, struggles, and mistakes that is honest and gritty. At rock bottom, when he is at his lowest God places a calling on his life and extends the love and mercy that only He can! It is a self reflecting, thought provoking, heart wrenching story of how God’s grace is still available to all of us. Take the time to read it for yourself and see just how much this story and God’s grace can impact you!

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When my husband entered rehab for cocaine addiction several weeks ago, I knew nothing about this drug, and why it had such a hold on him. After reading this book, I feel like I can understand where he is at, and how to deal with it. I thank God I was able to find this book. I highly recommend it to addicts, family members, and all other impacted by cocaine addiction. If God did this for Shane, God can do it for my husband!

Janette Gleason / I am Second
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This is an amazing story of brokenness and heartbreak that God turns around and uses for His glory! Amazing amazing true life story!

Amy Knapp / Amazon