Shane West is no stranger to grace and redemption. 30 Years ago in 1987 at the age of 21, Shane West had a life changing experience and his spiritual awakening in a converted garage. It was this very moment that took Shane out of the epicenter and onto the launching pad of his ministry. Empowering him to preach a message tailor made by experience: “From Cocaine To The Calling.”   The fresh and relevant anointing on Shane West, complemented with an insight into the revelation of God’s word, has been touching hearts of people around the world. Shane’s transparent personality is a magnet that has drawn a broad audience. He has ministered and spoke into the lives of millionaires and yet also has been honored to have inspired prisoners. His diverse, genuine love for people, and the extension of God’s unconditional love, has gained him a notoriety that transcends culture, race and religion!

When asked what his greatest achievement in life has been, Shane quickly responds and answers, “Persuading Dana to marry me in June of 1990”

Encouraging, optimistic, joyful, always upbeat and energetic. These are the words that are often used the most when being used to describe the dynamic ministry of Dana West. Raised in church Dana made a commitment at a very young age that her life would make an eternal difference in today’s world. She continues to be greatly used by God with her Biblical insights, as well as her speaking and teaching ministry. Her greatest passion however, has always been ministering to children.

Dana and Shane, soon to celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary, are are so proud and honored to be the parents of Dakota, a US Marine, Zane the Runner, and Shane Keith II the Gamer!

The Champion Creed 

  • God is bigger and better and closer than we can imagine. 

  • The Bible is God’s perfect word.

  • We have made a mess of ourselves by trying to live our lives on our own. 

  • Jesus is God showing himself to us. 

  • Grace that came through the death of Jesus is the only way to have a relationship with God. 

  • We are more sinful than we dare to know and more loved by God than we can ever imagine, at the same time. 

  • Through His Holy Spirit, God lives in and through us now. 

  • The church is to serve people like Jesus served people.

  • Jesus is coming again. 

I dare you to look into this window of what would have been a wasted life, had it not been for grace. Thank you Shane for coming clean. Your story teaches all of us that we can make a mistake and still not be a mistake!”



Pastor David Dummitt 

One of the best motivational books I’ve read, “Recycled By Grace” gets especially high marks for readability, and for numerous, on-point illustrations and examples from the life and experiences of Shane West!

Jody Mayberry 

This was a very encouraging and inspirational read and definitely puts some things in perspective as a man wth struggles and addictions. Recycled By Grace will help and bless any man or woman that is simply trying to draw closer to God!

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I refuse to be remembered

as a defeated Champion!
–  Shane West  –