We believe that salvation, or the “New Birth” experience, is a gift that can only be reached by grace, through faith in Jesus Christ, and acceptance of His death on the cross as payment for our sins. We believe that salvation is granted to man as a work of God’s free grace, or unmerited favor. It cannot be earned, bought, or given as a reward for one’s service. We also believe that when one is saved, or born again, there is an inner change that is brought about in the heart. True repentance, genuine faith, and dependence upon Jesus Christ for salvation must accompany this change or regeneration. Once one’s heart has been changed by faith they are no longer the same. Christ makes them new.


Baptism is a funeral with a difference. Unlike a normal funeral there is also a resurrection. Baptism involves a declaration of our repentance from sin and of faith in Jesus as our Lord.

It is the beginning of a new life of discipleship. In baptism we surrender to Jesus as the Lord of our life. It is the burial of our old life with its sinful nature and is our resurrection to a brand new life. We are now able to live the risen life of Jesus Christ himself in the power of the Holy Spirit. Water Baptism not only has a ‘vertical affect’ toward God; it also has a ‘horizontal affect’ towards other Christians. We are not only baptized into Christ but also into church. This means that we are no longer to live independent lives. We belong to a new family, the people of God. Baptism means things will never be the same again; the old has gone and the new has come.


When we look at the early church we get a picture of small communities of people who followed Jesus together. The Book of Acts, especially, gives us a great picture of the early church and the components of biblical community, which encompassed both the “temple courts” and “house to house.” God never intended for us to live the Christian life alone. How can we apply these “one another” references unless we are in intentional, close relationships with each other? God calls us to love, not in an abstract or superficial way, but in a deep, face to face, life-on-life, transformative way—We simply believe that is better to do life with one another.


At Red Door we believe that there is power in agreeing to walking together and that we were designed to go through life in community. Ownership simply means that we become an Owner of the local ministry and find out ways that you can get involved with connecting others, anywhere to a life-changing relationship with Jesus.


The way that we handle money is so important because it is so closely connected to what is going on in our hearts. When it comes to our finances, God doesn’t want something from us; he wants something for us. He invites us to trust him with our finances. The way that we demonstrate this is through giving to the needs of those around us and the communities in which we live. We believe that the Bible teaches us that we should give 10% of what we earn back to God. When we do this, we are prioritizing Him and we believe that God will always bless and multiply when we honor Him in this way.


As a new Christian it can be difficult to know where to begin building your relationship with Jesus. Shane and Dana West offer “Foundations” teaching that will help you to explore the fundamentals of our faith, to help you start to build your relationship with Jesus. These studies are different then the Home Group studies. Foundations are taught one on one and can be requested at any time.


Congratulations! You’re engaged! We are so excited for you as you embark upon this next season of your life. Marriage preparation is a great way to discuss key things with your future spouse before tying the knot. We offer a marriage preparation course which is designed to help set you up for the best marriage possible.


We believe in baby dedications and base this view on Biblical example. We are told in 1st Samuel 1 that Hannah presented her son Samuel to the Lord. In Luke 2:22 we read that Mary and Joseph brought their baby, Jesus, to the temple in Jerusalem in order to present him before the Lord. We defer water baptism for children until they reach what we refer to as the “age of understanding” – specifically the time when they can consciously and independently choose to make a public declaration of their faith in Jesus Christ and their desire to serve Him as their Lord.