Shane and Dana West has always had a passion to reach people. connecting them with Christ and allowing the blessings of God to follow. Shane has known for many years that there is much more in reaching people besides the pulpit.

Through much time of prayer and seeking God. Shane & Dana feel that God desires to do the following.

We believe that God has expressed for us to…

  • Cherish the anointing and intimacy with Jesus, seek the heart of God in all matters.
  • Cultivate a Kingdom mind-set, power prophetic evangelism on a one on one basis.
  • Create an atmosphere of passion for Christ and a renewed compassion for the lost.
  • Carry the anointing and the unstoppable fire of the Lord to the world.
  • Change hearts, win souls, and advance the Kingdom of God even greater than before.
  • Commit to worship, to intimacy, to our partners of Faith, to our mandate and our vision, to strengthen character, godly values, increasing wisdom, and fulfilling the tasks set before us with utmost integrity and openness.


  • Increase our accountability, effectiveness, expectations, communication, and missions.
  • Involve people: unite and work together through partnership, interactive website, equipping, training, developing, and raising up leaders in this end time.
  • Intercede by building a large body of intercessory warriors to pray for the nation and the nations, for the body of Christ, for our home church and Pastor, our Country and its leaders.
  • Impart to and empower, equip, train, mentor, engage, and send forth godly, on men and women of influence with a passion for Christ, revivalists, and mission-minded people to transform neighborhoods, communities, cities, and nations with the heart of Christ, for Jesus Christ. Reaching those closest to our hearts, yet farthest from Christ.



Champions will proclaim the Gospel to unbelievers.

God created humanity to worship and be in fellowship with him. Yet, humanity decided to worship self instead of God which resulted in sin and idolatry. The fall undermined man’s fellowship with God, left all of creation broken, and resulted in both physical and spiritual death (Rom. 8:20-21; Rom. 5:12; Eph. 2:3; Ps. 51:5). The good news of the Gospel is that in spite of all of creation being fallen, and man being dead in sin, God intervened based on his love and mercy. He did so by sending his son Jesus Christ to reconcile all things by taking on human flesh so that he could live for, die for, and be resurrected for those who are separated from God (Col. 1:20; Rom. 5:19; Rom. 6:1-10). Salvation is a free gift of God that is received through faith in Christ (Eph. 2:8). This is the Gospel that we will unashamedly live and preach to as many cities as we can.


Champions will proclaim the Gospel to believers.

The gospel is for both non-Christians and Christians alike. In salvation, the gospel gives us a right standing before God, and in daily Christian living creates in us a desire to love God and be holy as He is holy (1 Peter 1:16). The gospel is the primary fuel for living the Christian life. We will only be motivated to love God and love our neighbors as we daily reflect on God’s love for us experienced in the gospel (Matt. 22:37-39). We are committed to continue preaching the gospel to our church in the hope that the love we experience through it will enable Shane & Dana West to live for God and bring him glory.


Champions will proclaim will gather together as the body of Christ.

The fall distorted our relationship with God and one another. Yet, through being restored to a right relationship with God through the gospel, we can have a true authentic community with one another. As a local expression of the body of Christ in Greensboro, we are dedicated to covenanting together and committing our lives to one another. We will strive to be a diverse covenant community welcoming all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. We will seek to love one another which will act as an apologetic to those who do not know God (John 17:23). Lastly, we will gather together for weekly corporate worship as a visible picture of the body of Christ and the power of the Gospel.